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THIS AGREEMENT is entered into, by and between
Lessor:  Randall McNames, Owner, Lakehead Wooded Retreat (LWR), and

Lessee Printed Name: ____________________ .

Lessee Address: _________________________   .

Lessee City, State, Zip: ____________________

Lessee Telephone Number:  (.     ) ________________

WITNESSETH:  That in return for the pre-payment of rent and agreement by the Lessee to responsibly occupy
the short-term vacation rental described as:

Lakehead Wooded Retreat, 20661 Curl Court,, Lakehead, CA 96051,

said Lessor does grant temporary tenancy of said premises to Lessee during the following nights:

from date:  __________  through departure date: __________.

Lessor acknowledges receipt of prepaid rent in the amount of $______ in consideration for such rental period,
plus 10% Occupancy Tax, plus $250.00 cleaning/security deposit.

The following terms and conditions describe responsible occupancy of Lakehead Wooded Retreat:
1.   Occupants.  No more than EIGHT persons (including children of all ages) shall occupy said premises.

2.   Pets.  The LWR Pet Policy attached hereto is hereby incorporated into this agreement.

3.   Smoking.  NO smoking shall be permitted inside the premises.  Smoking of legal substances only shall be
permitted on the deck or driveway.  Great care must be given when smoking out of doors due to extreme fire

4.   Ordinances and Statutes.  Lessee shall comply with all statutes, ordinances and requirements of all
municipal, state and federal authorities now in force, or which may hereafter be in force, pertaining to the use
of these premises.

5.   Repairs or Alterations.  Lessee shall be responsible for damages caused by his negligence and that of his
family or invitees and guests.  Under NO conditions shall Lessee make any alterations to the premises.

6.  Upkeep of Premises.  Lessee shall keep and maintain the premises in a clean and sanitary condition at all
times, and upon the termination of the tenancy shall surrender the premises to Lessor in as good condition as
when received.  Exception:  Lessor shall be responsible for cleaning the linens upon termination of tenancy.

7.   Utilities.  Lessor shall be responsible for the payment of all utilities expenses.

8.   Deposit.  The cleaning/security deposit in the amount of $250.00 shall secure the performance of Lessee's
obligations hereunder.  Following termination of tenancy by Lessee, Lessor shall deduct from deposit
compensation for services required for extraordinary cleaning of premises by Lessor, or for unauthorized
removal of any property by Lessee, or for repair of any property damaged by Lessee.  As an example, should
the following situations occur a fee shall be deducted from cleaning/security deposit before the balance is
$35.00  Fireplace cleaning fee
$35.00  Oven cleaning fee
$35.00  Barbeque cleaning fee
$unknown   Use of Pay Per View events on the satellite television
(such fees range from $1.99 through $35.00 or more per event)
Other fees may apply.

9.  Deposit Refunds.  The balance of all deposits shall be refunded within 21 days from date possession is
delivered to Lessor, together with a statement showing any charges made against such deposits by Lessor.

10. Right of Entry.  Lessor reserves the right to enter the demised premises at all reasonable hours for the
purpose of inspection, and whenever necessary to make repairs and alterations to the premises.  In the event of
emergency repair, Lessee hereby grants permission to Lessor to open the demised premises to workmen or
contractors at reasonable hours of the day.

11.  Unclaimed Property.   Unclaimed property remaining in the premises shall be disposed of 30 days after
termination of this agreement.

12. Termination.    This Agreement and the tenancy hereby granted shall be terminated at the end of the rental
period stated above, unless a written extension is mutually executed between the signatories of this agreement.  
Lessee agrees to vacate premises by 11:00 AM  of the departure date.

The parties hereto have executed this Agreement in duplicate on this date:

Lessee:  _____________________________________ Date:  _______________

Lessor:  _____________________________________ Date:  _______________
                          Randall McNames