1.        For an additional fee, we will accept up to two cats or two small to
medium-sized doges (not over 60 pounds each), no birds or other animals.  
Please discuss with us what pet(s) you might bring.

2.        Your pet must be housebroken!

3.        In addition to the normal refundable $250 Security/Cleaning deposit,
there will be a non-refundable $50 cleaning fee per acceptable pet.

4.        Be aware there is no fenced yard on the premises.

5.        Be aware we are located in a residential neighborhood.  If your dog is
inclined to bark frequently, it will obviously disturb the neighbors.  Please
control your dogs’ barking.

6.        Be aware there is a leash law in Shasta County.

7.        Be aware there is poison oak in the area and possibly on the property.  
We constantly monitor and spray to reduce the risk that a pet may accidentally
come into contact with it.  Consequent exposure from the pet to the owner
may cause an uncomfortable skin condition.  And the contamination will
spread to the furniture and furnishings.  Please watch your pet if it is inclined
to roam away from the house.

8.        Please refrain from allowing pets on the furniture or beds.

9.        After a day at the muddy beach, please ensure that your pet’s feed are
cleaned before allowing it into the house.

10.        It is your responsibility to clean up your pet’s animal waste.  If you
do not, we will deduct a $40 clean-up fee from your refundable deposit.

11.        The repair costs for any damage caused by a pet (for example: a torn
screen, claw scratches on a door or furniture) will be documented and
deducted from your refundable deposit.